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If you are a first-time purchaser of a vehicle, visiting a dealership can be an intimidating experience. Luckily, Thomas Nissan of Joliet, IL has a great team to guide you through the experience.

Our sales team will be able to show you the many different new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles on our lot, and provide any information needed to guide your purchase.

Our sales team can be reached at (815) 741-5353

Our finance and sales insurance managers will design your auto loan and insurance rentals. At Thomas Nissan of Joliet, IL, meet our staff of the finance department who will offer you car lease and loan at lowest interest rates and flexible payment plans.

Whatever has brought you to Thomas Nissan of Joliet, IL you will not leave our showroom unsatisfied.


Sean Hargrove
General Manager
(815) 741-5353
Dimitri Kametas
General Sales Manager
Parts Director/Service Manager Richard Drejcek
Richard Drejcek
Parts Director/Service Manager
Office Manager  Virginia Molck
Virginia Molck
Office Manager
Eddie Abuasabeh
Sales Manager
Service Director Mark Holzapfel
Mark Holzapfel
Service Director

Office Staff

Cashier Patty Strong
Patty Strong
Scanning Clerk Jayne Muren
Jayne Muren
Scanning Clerk
Cashier Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown


Finance Director Colin Galvin
Colin Galvin
Finance Director


Product Specialist Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez
Product Specialist
Se Hable Espanol
Product Specialist Jose Barrera
Jose Barrera
Product Specialist
Se Hable Espanol
Product Specialist Virgilie Bredy
Virgilie Bredy
Product Specialist
Product Specialist Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez
Product Specialist
Se Hable Espanol
Product Specialist Courtney Bell
Courtney Bell
Product Specialist
Product Specialist Amanda Ortiz
Amanda Ortiz
Product Specialist
Product Specialist Jaime Alcazar
Jaime Alcazar
Product Specialist
Product Specialist Yousef Hasan
Yousef Hasan
Product Specialist
Product Specialist Peter Sakleh
Peter Sakleh
Product Specialist
Product Specialist Desmond Ware
Desmond Ware
Product Specialist

Business Development Center

Business Development Manager Kristie Felix
Kristie Felix
Business Development Manager
BusinessDevelopmentCoordinator Marissa Westmoreland
Marissa Westmoreland
BusinessDevelopmentCoordinator Jessica Vabales
Jessica Vabales
Service BDC Victoria Benson
Victoria Benson
Service BDC


Service Advisor Armando Bautista
Armando Bautista
Service Advisor
Se Hable Espanol
Service Advisor Victor Fazio
Victor Fazio
Service Advisor
Service Advisor Bryan Kenealy
Bryan Kenealy
Service Advisor
Service Advisor Amanda  Thompson
Amanda Thompson
Service Advisor
Service Greeter Connie Hubbard
Connie Hubbard
Service Greeter
Journeyman Technician Jose  Galvan
Jose Galvan
Journeyman Technician
Certified Technician Erin  Hotuyec
Erin Hotuyec
Certified Technician
Certified Technician James Swon
James Swon
Certified Technician
Journeyman Technician Cruz  Aquirre
Cruz Aquirre
Journeyman Technician
Certified Tech  Matt Kent
Matt Kent
Certified Tech
Certified Technician Adam Shradnick
Adam Shradnick
Certified Technician
Service Porter David Glickman
David Glickman
Service Porter
Certified Technician Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
Certified Technician
Head of Maintenance  Wayne Wail
Wayne Wail
Head of Maintenance
Express Technician Jacob Ray
Jacob Ray
Express Technician


Parts Manager Dave  Flagg
Dave Flagg
Parts Manager
Parts Specialist Tristan Batson
Tristan Batson
Parts Specialist
Parts Delivery Driver Ralph  Atwood
Ralph Atwood
Parts Delivery Driver


Porter Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo

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