Nissan Brake Service

It takes a commitment to regular maintenance to keep your Nissan running like new, and no component is more important than your brakes. That’s why getting Nissan brake service at regular intervals is critical. Luckily, every Nissan comes with an owner’s manual that lists the manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance for easy reference.

We recommend reviewing that schedule after you take delivery of your vehicle, so you can keep an eye on the odometer and get those appointments scheduled when you need them. If you’re driving a used car, it’s just as important to stay watchful of your braking system and notice any significant changes, such as squeaking or a different stopping pattern.

Getting brake service is easy and affordable when you stay on a set maintenance schedule and partner with a dealer like Thomas Nissan. Certified Nissan dealers use only original factory parts, which means your car leaves our shop with the same level of quality components it arrived with, an important differentiator between us and the national chains.

Speaking of national chains, before you decide to just drop by the local corner mechanic and take your chances, consider the long-term service and maintenance plan for your vehicle. Creating a relationship with a single shop like Thomas Nissan for all your driving needs means that technicians know you and know your car, a big benefit as you accumulate mileage and wear-and-tear.

A close up shows wear on a brake pad.

The Importance of Replacing Your Brakes

Let’s face it - your car’s brakes are not something you spend a lot of time thinking about. So much of driving is muscle memory; we hit the gas to go, and we hit the brake to stop. In a way, we take our vehicle’s brakes for granted. Did you ever wonder what might happen if you touched those brakes and they didn’t work? Not many of us do.

Now, that’s an extreme example that is not likely to happen even if your brakes are worn out, but if you’re driving on bad brake pads or rotors, you’re definitely compromising the effectiveness and precision of your braking. We expect our brakes to be there when we need them, but they’ll only perform the job properly if they are well maintained. As brakes age, they wear down, ultimately working less effectively.

Brakes wear at different rates, depending on your driving style and how many miles you drive. In general, city drivers with a heavy or frequent braking habit will wear out their brake pads much faster than, let’s say, highway drivers or long-range commuters. There is no firm rule, which is why consulting your owner’s manual is only a baseline - to stay on top of your brakes, you need regular visits to a certified Nissan service center.

Staying vigilant and noticing any changes to your vehicle’s driving characteristics is a great way to catch the problem early. Generally speaking, anytime you can diagnose an issue early on, repair costs and complexity will be lower. Let the problem drag on, and you could be looking at bigger and more expensive problems down the line. Instead, we recommend staying on top of your vehicle’s brake inspections and service.

A close up shows a mechanic working on a caliper during a Nissan brake service.

Signs You Need New Brakes

The first and most obvious sign that your brakes need to be replaced is usually a noticeable sound when braking. This can be unpleasant and high-pitched, almost like a squeaking, and it very clearly happens only when you’re braking. It doesn’t automatically mean it’s your brakes, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s time to get them inspected.

Another sure sign is that your vehicle’s braking characteristics suddenly change or become less crisp over time. Sometimes you can feel the difference when you’re applying the brakes, too. It feels a bit like a grinding, uneven sensation as you’re depressing the pedal. In severe cases or cases when the rotors are warped from uneven wear, you’ll even feel a vibrating sensation.

Sometimes your brakes will show wear to the naked eye. If you have a line of sight into the brake pads through your tire’s wheels, you can see if the rotor appears worn down, but it shouldn’t come to that. If your brakes are so worn that the rotors have taken a beating, your car will wobble or shake when you apply the brakes.

One last brake-related diagnostic tip: check your wheels for leaking fluid. Brake lines are complicated systems, and sometimes they leak. Leak too much fluid, and it can lead to big problems for your braking system. If you see a leak or if your brake warning light goes on, contact our service center as soon as possible.

A close up shows a gloved hand filling a reservoir with brake fluid.

Why We Are a Great Place to Go for Brake Replacement

Thomas Nissan is your one-stop-shop for brake repair and maintenance. Our team of factory-trained, certified technicians is qualified to perform a full range of brake services, from simple brake pad replacements to more comprehensive rotor replacement. We stock a huge selection of Nissan parts right in our on-site Parts Department, so there’s never a delay on your repair.

Speaking of parts, we use only genuine Nissan parts and recommended fluids for our customers’ brake services. We never use lower quality aftermarket components, ensuring that when you need to stop suddenly, your car responds like it just left the factory. We also offer regular specials and coupons on common repairs, so we invite you to check our website often.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time for brakes, we welcome you in for a multi-point inspection. Our technicians will carefully inspect your entire braking system, from brake lines to pads, rotors, and everything in-between. We’ll give you advice on what needs to get fixed or recommend a timeframe when you should come back. It’s fast and easy and a great way to have peace of mind.

Thomas Nissan makes it easy for you to book a brake service appointment with us. We offer convenient online scheduling and extended service hours to accommodate even the busiest schedules. If you prefer to wait, you can relax in our customer lounge and take advantage of our free WiFi, cable tv, and complimentary coffee. Errands to run? We encourage you to ask about a loaner car.

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