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There are many truck options out there that get a lot of attention, like the Ram 1500 or Ford F-150, but those trucks also come with a higher price whether you are buying new or used. While these trucks can be a fine choice, are they really the best choice? Or, is there a truck out there that is underappreciated that will serve you better? As your used Nissan truck dealer, we are here to tell you that you might have been bypassing the best used truck models you can get without realizing it.

While they may not be the first models that comes to mind when you think of trucks, the Nissan Frontier and Titan are both models that have gone the extra mile for their owners, yet their merits tend to be overlooked by the average consumer who’s more familiar with the F-150 and Silverado. That's why we are here to share with you the advantages of buying a used Nissan truck from Thomas Nissan that you might not yet be aware of. We are ready to answer all of your questions and make sure you are getting a truck that truly meets all of your needs while also providing style, comfort, and longevity. Just because you haven’t heard about how great used Nissan trucks are yet, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a superior standard of quality to offer you.

A red 2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4x is shown off-roading in a desert.

The Nissan Lineage

Much like their competitors, Nissan has a storied history and legacy concerning the manufacturing of pickup trucks. The Japanese-based company was by no means late to the party, and the first Nissan (then called Datsun) pickups made their first appearances during the late 1950s. Even for the time period, Nissan proved they were capable of being efficient. The 1958 Datsun 220 came equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission and could carry a payload of 2,200 lbs.

While models such as the Toyota Tacoma are thought of as the hot import truck these days, Nissan put themselves on the map all the way back in 1983 when the 720 became the first imported pickup to be manufactured in the United States. While its in-line 4-cylinder engine only generated 103 horsepower, considered laughable by today's performance standards, it showed the company’s willingness to expand its market. It’s quite possible that not a lot of talk about some of these older Nissan trucks gets mentioned, as the company’s hottest item from this era was their sports car, the 280Z.

As the 280Z thundered across highways and talked to its drivers (yes, that was a feature on some trim lines), Nissan took its first steps towards the modern fleet that we’ve become accustomed to today. In 1986, Nissan introduced a truck whose reputation is still held in high regard today, the Hardbody. Notable for its aggressive front-end design and economical 4-cylinder engine - it’s not uncommon to still see them on the road from time to time - the Hardbody was comparable to the Ford Ranger, midsize and ideal for the average consumer.

But nothing lasts forever, and although the Hardbody still has a place in the hearts of its fans, 1997 was a year of transition, as old gave way to new. This year introduced the world to the Nissan Frontier, a truck that’s been in production ever since. Nissan equipped their newest offering with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that gave customers a combined 20 MPG and generated 134 horsepower. Since that time, the Frontier has gone on to become one of the most reliable pickups on the road, but greatness isn’t limited to just one model.

Expanding their horizon into the realm of full-sized pickups, Nissan introduced the Titan in 2004. Right from the start, Nissan made high-grade performance more accessible to the average consumer, as all Titan trims come equipped with the jaw-dropping V8. From the first Titans that rolled off the assembly line to the ones you see in the showroom today, all have a standard 5.6L V8. That means Nissan gladly puts 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque into your hands, no matter what trim you choose.

The black interior of a 2020 Nissan Titan shows the infotainment screen and steering wheel.

The Advantages of Shopping at Thomas Nissan

As you’ve read, Nissan has maintained a consistent track record of quality throughout the years and continues to do so. When it comes to getting a truck that bears the Nissan logo that’s reliable and will go the distance for you and your ambitions, shouldn’t you visit a dealership that believes in upholding that same standard? Well, you can. The quality that Nissan has pursued and exemplified for decades isn’t just found in the vehicles they manufacture; it’s embraced by those who sell and service them. Better products at a better cost, that’s the Thomas Nissan promise.

At Thomas Nissan, finding a used Nissan truck is easy, and you’ll be surprised at how expansive our inventory is. We offer vehicles that have been through Nissan’s 167-point inspection to be named as a part of their prestigious Certified Pre-Owned program. We don’t stop there; on our lot, you’ll find a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles and plenty that have been priced under $10,000 because a better quality of life shouldn’t be overpriced.

While we have your attention, we should mention that Nissan trucks are rated as the most reliable, and finding one at a low price is easily within the realm of possibility. Don’t think you can’t afford a Frontier or Titan; we value trade-ins, and financing help is available. But our dedication to you doesn’t come close to ending with the sale and financing.

A black 2019 Nissan Titan is shown from the side towing a boat past a body of water.

Our Service Matches Our Selection

If there’s one thing we want to provide you with, it’s peace of mind. When you sign the paperwork and drive off our lot, we want you to come back. Once you’re a part of the Nissan family, we’ll treat you as such, which is why we want you to trust us with servicing your Nissan for as long as you own it. It doesn’t matter if it’s new tires, routine maintenance, specialty parts, or collision work; we’re your one-stop shop to keep your Nissan in the best shape possible.

Also, because we understand that life comes at you fast, we can operate faster. We offer express service to get your basic maintenance needs taken care of and your car back on the road in the blink of an eye. Plus, just to make sure that you’ll only need us as a necessity, we gladly offer a complimentary inspection performed by certified technicians that are trained to know the fine tunings of your Nissan inside and out.

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